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The story of N

You'll find the bright places, where boom bands are playing.

10 September 1972
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Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the Nicnac Room!

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Impatient, tactless and disorganised (and those are the good bits..)

Oh, OK, I'll expand on that a bit... had my formative years "up north", hence the liking for real ale and muddy walks. Got deported to Cardiff to do my degree, drank my way to an LL.B. somehow, flouted my parents hopes and dreams by becoming a financial consultant for a few years before realising the depths of my depravity (cue Munch's "scream").

Made some money, spent most of it travelling around the world for a year (highly recommended, although avoid waking up with ants up your nose - not pleasant). Came back and decided to set up my own business importing from South America - despite knowing nothing at all about importing or running a business. On a steep learning curve as we speak, but they say life is all about experiences and my spanish is improving rapidly ;-)

How other people libel describe me:

"She's just this gal, you know?" - myrddrr

"Would taste very nice in a curry, sadly won't allow me to find out what she'd taste like outside of one so I'll have to pop her in the tandoor for a few hours to find out for sure. May have a penchant for fireplaces but I'm yet to determine this.

Nicnac is a lady of great mystery. In fact so mysterious that I only know what she looks like whilst wearing clothes..... sadly. In love with all things relating to imports and from what I gather is a great fan of cottaging though I may be reading this incorrectly? Nevertheless a lovely young lady who needs to be in Bristol more often. Ideally somewhere located near my fireplace". - xxxrated

"Nicnac is a true jet-setter. That is, she gets around a bit." - katstevens

"The buxom boffin of banquetting;
The flirty fan of fairy lights and fast cars;
A votary of vodka, venison and vino;
'Aribo addict and Admirer of moons, muppets and margaritas;
The Laughter-loving, Deep-diving, Cliff-jumping, Cheese-eating, Sherbert-sucking, Sauvignon-swilling, Tortoise-toting Naiad of Naughtiness Herself;" - racinghippo

"A fiery redhead with a penchant for fuzzy Peruvians." - fi

"Not a mere mortal pet owner . . . NO.
She owns the pasty.
Oracle extraordinaire and keeper of all univerisal knowledge.
A Venerable porthole into wisdom itself.
We bow to the owner of the pasty." - catinsea

"I've come to regard her, through our many a year on livejournal, as someone I've never met....." - dr_midnite

abseiling, alcohol, alpacas, audrey hepburn, autumn leaves, banquets, barbecues, baths, beer, being my own boss, ben & jerry's, bill bailey, black books, board games, boats, books, boots, bounty rum (fijian), burning stuff, byron bay, candles, cardiff, carpaccio, castles, chaos, cheese, chelonians, cliff jumping, clwb ifor bach, conversation, cooking, coral reefs, corsets, costume, curry, dancing, diving, dr seuss, duvets, eyes, fairy lights, fantasy, fast cars, fiji, fire, fireworks, fishnets, flirting, forests, freedom, fresh air, friends, frivolity, fun, funky fish, guy gavriel kay, gym stuff, halloween, haribo starmix, hay on wye, ian rankin, industrial, intelligence, irony, jaffa cakes, jane austen, kissing, kittens, lakes, laughing, laughter, lightning, lingerie, listed buildings, lrping, ludlow, margaritas, mead, medieval banquets, moon, motorbikes, muddy walks, muppets, my bed, myths, naughtiness, neil gaiman, new zealand sauvignon blanc, nin, nma, oceans, offspring, old pubs, open fires, partying, pembrokeshire, penguins, perhentian islands, peru, picnics, pilates, pirates, poker, pubs, rapa nui, raspberries, reading, real ale, rivers, rock, rsc, salsa, sarcasm, satire, scuba diving, sea planes, serotonin, sex, shakespeare, small grey cats, snorkelling, snow, snowmen, some disney, south america, star wars, stargazing, stars, sun, sunsets, sunshine, surfing, swimming, terrorvision, the welsh club, tim burton, tolkein, tori amos, tortoises, travelling, trees, tropical beaches, venison, vodka, wales, water, waterfalls, waves, whales, wine